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Fund raisingTake your fund raising to a level beyond magazine subscriptions and giant novelty chocolate bars -- sell fresh roasted coffee!

Let us anticipate your questions:

What are we getting?
A 14 oz. bag of fresh roasted coffee, whole bean or ground.
What is the cost?
Single-origin coffees (Brazil, Colombian, etc.) and blends go for our current wholesale price, flavored coffees (Highlander Grogg, Vanilla, etc.) are slightly higer. Contact us for our current prices. If you go with a custom label, you will be charged for the cost of printing them.
How does it all work?
One of two ways, either the traditional "store method" in which you purchase a fixed number of bags and attempt to sell them one-by-one, or the preferred method of pre-selling the bags. Pre-selling is just like any traditional school fund raiser, but you're selling coffee instead of frozen pizzas or giant candy bars.
What is the process?
Assuming you want to go with the traditional pre-sell method, the students or members get an order sheet with a list of the coffees you want to sell and a description of each, a deadline is set (more about that in a bit) at which time the students or members turn in their sheets, you tally the numbers and send them to us. After everything is roasted and bagged, we deliver or ship it to you with an invoice, then you organize the separate orders and distribute them to the students, members or customers. All individual customer payments are handled by you. You pay us with a single check from your organization.
What about that deadline thing?
We both know that people are terrible at turning things in on time, so we set up what we call a "soft deadline" and a "hard deadline." The turn in date you tell the students or members is the "soft deadline." The "hard deadline" is just between you and us, and is several days later. For example, you tell the kids you need the sheets turned in by Monday, but you don't submit the order to us until Wednesday or Thursday, that allows for the inevitable late turn ins.
Can we have a custom label?
You bet you can! We encourage it, in fact. We can design it for you, or you can submit one of your own. if you decide to make your own, let us know because there is information that is required to be on the label. More information can be found on our private labeling page.
How long does it take?
We require seven business days to roast and package your order. If your order is particularly large, additional time may be needed (also, good for you!).
Anything else? Any suggestions?
We can provide you with an order sheet, or you can design your own. If you have a logo, that's a great addition to the order sheet, also a short paragraph explaining what the fundraiser is for, or about the organization, is helpful.

We suggest choosing only 5-6 coffees to avoid confusion. We can provide you with a list of our available coffees upon request.

Past fundraising has been done with:

  • Stride Academy
  • Songbird Academy
  • South Metro Dance Academy
  • Woodland Hills Elementary
  • St. Cloud Area All City Marching Band
  • International Office Workers Association
  • Paynesville HS Band
  • Sauk Rapids/Rice Marching Storm
  • And more...

Eclipse & Vacation

Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21st there will be a total eclipse of the sun across much of the central US. So I'm headed to Missouri to watch it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, because the next one to come across the US won't be until 2045. I will be out of town that day, and will be traveling back all day on Tuesday. You can place orders on this web site, but I won't be able to ship them until the end of that week.

Then from August 28th through September 5th, I will be out of town. I've heard people mention this thing called a “vacation” and I thought I'd give it a try. Sounds fun. Again, you can place orders as usual, but I won't be filling or shipping them until later that week.

Muggsy's Beans will be at the Sauk Rapids Farmers Market this summer! We hope to see you there.

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