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Vacuum Pot

The vacuum coffee pot is a clever device invented by Robert Napier in 1840. It uses heat, cooling and vacuum and it looks like it came from a mad scientist's lab and that makes it the coolest coffee thing ever!

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The Keurig Coffee Maker

The Keurig coffee maker is the newest thing on the scene and I have a huge problem with it. It is designed strictly for convenience and offers little else.

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The percolating coffee pot was invented by the American scientist and soldier Count Rumford, otherwise known as Benjamin Thompson. However, the first US patent for a coffee percolator was issued to James Mason of Franklin, MA, in 1865. Go figure. An Illinois farmer named Hanson Goodrich is generally credited with patenting the modern U.S. stove-top percolator as it is known today.

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French Press/Press Pot

The French Press (also known simply as a press pot) is the best way to brew coffee at home. It offers unparalleled flavor due to perfect extraction time and delivery of the volatile oils that are often trapped in paper filters.

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Note: First of all let's get one thing straight, the word is "espresso," not "expresso."

In Italian "espresso" means "expressed," as in "to press or squeeze out: to express the juice of grapes," or in this case, to express the heart of the coffee bean into a small cup. The word "expresso" is an American bastardization of the word which implies speed, but which has no meaning in Italian.

This article is reproduced, mostly in tact, from one of my favorite coffee information sources, Coffee


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Auto Drip Brewing

The most common method of brewing coffee today is probably the automatic drip brewer. It is by far the easiest brewing method, the key being that is it, well, automatic. You can turn it on and go start your day without a second thought and your coffee is ready to pour in just a few minutes.